Take a breath with The Daily Pause:

A 14-day series of bite-sized meditations, mindful mantras and simple self-care practices for those days when you just need a little extra breathing room.

You look good on paper. You’ve got a vast social pool, a pretty ok job, maybe even a long-term relationship that’s been smooth sailing so far.

But if you’re being honest with yourself? You feel adrift. Caught in the undertow of your self-defeatist stories. Like your passion for life has become watered-down. (And you can’t even figure out why.)

You’ve stopped feeling those playful urges...heart-plucking connections...happy vibrations.

And the worst part is: You’re embarrassed to admit it.

You thought you’d have this life thing “figured out” by now, but you feel selfish whining about it. (There are starving kids in Africa, right?)

Sometimes you even wonder: Maybe I’m the problem? So you ignore your soul’s tug and decide to “suck it up.” You let “should-have” and “need-to” joy thieves call the shots. And all the while, your misery stays on mute.

I’ve got you. And I get what you’re going through because I’ve been there.

– My Story –

Lean in, wrap yourself in a camp-worthy cable knit sweater, pretend we’re sitting bum-by-bum in front of a bonfire, and let me tell you about the currents that brought me here...

It was the year 2005 when I took a week-long vacation to Costa Rica to learn how to surf. A bold move for me at the time, considering my soul-sapping desk job and I were attached at the hip.

My friend and I were staying at a sweet little inn on the beach with a couple who had left the Silicon Valley for “the simple life.” We were greeted with beers pulled straight from an ice bucket. Instant ahhh.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves lapping at your doorstep. The tang of salt slipping into your room and inviting you to come out to play. The lusciousness of freshly cut papaya and mango hitting your tongue in the morning. Feeling the hum of pure aliveness in your body while doing handstands in the sand, downward dogging under palm trees, riding warm ocean crests. That’s what life was like there. As close to frickin’ perfect as it gets.

It was invigorating to be surrounded by all of these free spirits and gut-followers who’d decided to ditch life’s rules.

There was an effortless flow. A mellowness you could sink into. Possibilities begging to be explored. And I knew in an instant...this was how I wanted to live.

When I boarded the plane to go back to DC, where the life I was living was light years away from this fleeting taste of freedom I’d just had, the waterworks started.

I’d been single for years and had come to believe that maybe love just wasn’t “out there” for me.

As a project coordinator for The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, I was stressed-city. My passion had flatlined at work (if I ever knew what I was even passionate about in the first place). I was working in a windowless office cubicle, plugging lifeless data into spreadsheets, and changing out of the clothes I’d sweat through daily on my 100% humidity Metro commute (with only NPR to console me).

Even still, I thought: I should stay. I should just learn to enjoy this job. The money was good, this was a pretty sweet gig, who was I to complain?

So I kept treading water in this place of not-okayness, ashamed to admit that I was profoundly unhappy. I let resentment boil in my bones. I overloaded and overworked myself until I couldn’t fake it anymore.

But when I finally let go, synchronicities lined up around the block for me.

  • First, I took a month off work to go back to Costa Rica and get certified as a yoga teacher. This freedom-drenched experience gave me the cajones to cut the stability cord I’d gotten used to, quit my job, and dive headfirst into a 5-week trip to South America with $3,000 savings (and no plan).
  • One day after I’d made my way allllll the way to San Diego to start a massage school that started a week later, I opened the city paper to find a part-time admin job in the Life Coaching Department of the Tony Robbins Company. Despite not knowing who he was at the time (I know, I know), an inner whisper told me to apply for that job...and I got it.
  • While in San Diego, I signed up to do a week-long meditation retreat on gorgeous Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, without knowing how I’d ever pay for it. Right before I left, a check appeared in my mailbox for inheritance money I was supposed to get 15 years ago for exactly the amount I needed.
  • Just when I'd decided I wanted to dial back my hours at the coffee shop where I worked and do more writing, a former colleague emailed me out of the blue asking if I'd have any interest in writing content for a children's health website (for triple my hourly coffee shop rate).
  • The first yoga studio I approached to try and wiggle my name onto their sub list told me they had just lost a teacher, whose space I slid right into.

These days, I’m living the life I always wanted so badly (but never believed was possible for me).

As a Certified Professional Life and Mindfulness Coach, I get to be filled up with joy and inspiration every day as I help busy-brained women live in the moment, express their desires unapologetically, love the selves they are today even as they focus on bringing joy, love, peace, and fulfillment more to the forefront of their lives, and finally step into this transformational truth: Everything and anything is possible.

Best of all? I still have plenty of space and freedom leftover to:

Cozy up with my meditation cushion every morning. Meet up for soul-nourishing weekday lunches with friends. Scout out new favorite yoga classes all over San Francisco. Skip up to wine country or out to the beach for an impromptu solo adventure on a Wednesday, off to Argentina or New York for a romantic getaway with my love on a whim, or to Nashville for a little honky-tonk dancing with girlfriends when the mood strikes. Let creativity flow at a light-filled neighborhood café "office" for the morning. Drink in sunshine (and favorite frosty local beers) over illuminating conversations with like-minded souls. And just soak up gratitude for this crazy-awesome life.


  • That learning to love yourself is an inside job.
  • That when you listen to your intuition’s whispers, the Universe will cup your dreams in its hands and path-illuminating synchronicities will naturally fall into place.
  • That when you skinny dip in self-compassion, your ripple effect will reach far-flung places, touch still-in-hiding soulmates, and beckon big opportunities to show up at your heart’s doorstep.
And now I want to share this wisdom with you, and every other woman out there who is ready to be held accountable for her dreams.

Want to start waking up to excitement-drenched mornings and live the soul-infused life you were destined to have?

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What They Say

"My inner critic is just quieter now, which is truly life-changing. I am more compassionate with myself…I feel more joy! Melissa is a loving, generous, compassionate, and deeply wise teacher."
- Sally Nilsson
“My experience being coached by Melissa was truly transformational. I learned things about myself, and tools for creating more positive behaviors in my own life. And with her help I was able to realize that I wanted to spend six months exploring the world and reflecting on how I wanted to contribute positively to it, which ultimately led me to starting my own business.”
- Alison Gold
"I've walked away with a renewed sense of self. I can recognize gut feelings and actually have the confidence to trust them and, even more importantly, act on them."
- Alison Fyfe
"Signing up to work with Melissa made 2016 my best year yet. Her presence is unmatched and allowed for tremendous growth and reflection. The most profound change I've experienced as a result of the coaching process is that I believe in myself and I accept myself right here, right now. I have a better relationship to my body, to my partner, and I no longer operate in the world of 'shoulds' and 'not enoughs.”
- Andy Zundel, CPC, ELI-MP
"Melissa’s authentic and intuitive coaching style opened the door to life changing breakthroughs that have shifted my energy in dramatic ways. Thanks to her support and gentle nudging, I have a greater sense of ease and clarity around the direction of my business. And perhaps the most significant shift is the confidence I have found stepping into my authentic self."
- Julie Kelsey
"I’ll tell anyone who will listen that Melissa is worth her weight in gold. She helped me realize — and believe in my bones — that I can manifest the life I want for myself. Years ago, I would have thought that was a bunch of woo-woo nonsense if I hadn’t experienced it for myself firsthand with her guidance. Now I totally buy into the fact that life happens for us, not to us – and I’m grateful for all the lessons. A million thank yous to you, Melissa, for showing me how 'ease-y' this can be."
- Laurie
"Melissa helped me unlock a side of myself that I had been downplaying my entire life, and the magic that has flowed into my life from opening to my intuitive self has been unbelievable. You can't put a price on something that changes the course of the rest of your life, but if you could, it would be far more than what Melissa charges."
- Alex Milaychev
"At a time when I was making a career transition and felt uneasy about leaving the corporate career I had become so complacent with over the years, Melissa, with much grace and competence in the field of mindfulness, created the space for me to connect more deeply with my values, springing clarity on what I what I wanted to do next. She also supported me in unrooting limiting thoughts that were getting in the way of the life I wanted to create for myself."
- Ada Rosales, Certified Life Coach
"Coaching has brought me more happiness and fulfillment than I ever could have imagined, helping me to uncover the best version of myself. For the first time, I can see myself and love myself on my own—not as I define myself by the relationships I am in or the work I do or where I’m living."
- Tasman Rubel
"Before my session with Melissa, I felt stuck and stalled out. Melissa helped me understand and make peace with my fear, while also helping me give myself permission to succeed. If you're serious about bettering yourself and getting un-stuck, Melissa is the coach for you!"
- Colleen Nichols
"She works very intuitively, authentically and thoughtfully. I feel stronger and more aligned due to my coaching sessions with her. Melissa empowered me during the darkest days of my life and I am forever grateful.”
- Mati M.
"Since coaching with Melissa, the world is no longer a scary place. She’s a powerful partner in my process of self-care, discovery and celebration! I recommend Melissa to anyone ready to trust and love themselves more and move through the world with more confidence, gentleness and curiosity." 
- Heidi Bennett, Creative Life Coach
“I love having Melissa as my Mindfulness Coach. Being a Life Coach myself, I really wanted a mindfulness partner to help me cultivate a real ‘in-the-moment’ approach to everyday living. I have less self-judgment, more self-compassion and a true awareness that broadens my ability to experience more peace, more love and more clarity. Melissa’s insights, questions and observations have taken my own personal development to the next level.”
- Jennifer Barley, PCC
"Within a few weeks and just 4 sessions, I was able to articulate and visualize how I wanted to define my ‘work’ from now on. I found myself throwing away unnecessary lists of ‘shoulds’ and focusing on the things that truly mattered."
- Laura DeNatale
"I felt understood. I felt safe. I also felt like I came away with tools and insights that were spot on for my journey and the steps I needed to help me at that time. Melissa is truly gifted and ‘gets it’. An amazing gift in my life."
- Traci Hines